Luck of the Irish

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So I’ve dropped the ball on bloggin lately, I know.  But trust me, it’s been for a good reason.  During my final semester of college I’ve been involved in my public relations capstone course, which involves planning and implementing a PR campaign for an Irish mental-health organization in Ireland.  Not only have I learned A LOT about PR, our class traveled to Ireland for spring break.  Just getting back yesterday, I have a million things to say about Ireland and can’t believe how quick the week went by.  I’m absolutely in love with that country and will be planning a return trip as soon as possible.

And let me just say: the Irish have AWESOME style! Obviously, Europeans are known for being quite stylish but I wasn’t expecting to find such awesome boutiques.  I dare say my favorite was a chain store in Ireland called “River Island.” Get it? because Ireland is an island with rivers?? Anyways, I spent wayyyy too many euros there and actually went there three days in a row. They had really awesome stockings and fantastic accessories.

More impressive, however, than their clothing choices was the genuinely gorgeous landscapes of Ireland.  The most breathtaking views I’ve ever experienced were in the town of Braye, an Irish sea-town.  Also, the country-side and rivers of Dublin were just indescribable and trust me the photos don’t do it justice.


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