Fashion Week First Timer

Getting the opportunity to assist with events for Dream Cartel PR’s client eggcream and a fashion industry networking party was such an unexpected opportunity for me.  I was even given an invitation the Fashion Gallery Designer’s Premier Show, which featured five independent designers’ fall/winter 2011 collections.  I especially loved Farai Simoyi’s “Madame’s Rogue.” While I’ll be writing several posts about my whirlwind weekend I wanted to share my photos and video of the my first ever real fashion show.  My thoughts? Amazing! The music, the lighting, the outfits all added to the overall atmosphere of chic and trendy.  I even spotted the famous eyewear designers Coco and Breezy, who were extremely nice by the way.  I was really excited to also see a plus size designers’ collection that celebrated full figured womens’ curves.  Also, loved that there was a Jones Soda bar at the show! All around a great time.  I’ve tried to label the clothes by designer but it got all confused with my camera. So use the below descriptions and see if you can take a guess at who designed which look. Check out these designers great websites for more details!

Designer Descriptions from Program:

Farai by Farai Simoyi “Madame’s Rogue” – Depiction of strong, confidant women.  Inspired by controversial role of Fanny the seductress in the French based play “Sapho” in 1902

Sheila Frank “Industrial Revolution” – Influences of iron, steel, machinery and the Industrial Revolution.  The black plumes are supposed to represent smoke and factory production

Kristi Vosbeck “Reaching For the Stars” – Invoking hte screen of siresn of the movies, Kristi is inspired by icons Rita Hayowrth, Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor and Brigettte Bardot

Swiyyah Akhtab “Concrete Jungle” – Fashion inspired by trendy looks of Lower East Side

T~Tyme Lady Couture “Timeless Beauty” – Pulled inspiration from the “Gibson Girl”

Sammy B. “Adaeze” (means princess) – Inspriation was to create clothing that women would feel powerful in: bold and confidant

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