Rio Carnival

This is the first of what is sure to by many posts about the Rio Carnival Day of Design Fashion Show at WVU.  Through the fabulous WVU fashion design and merchandising program, I was lucky enough to get enrolled in the fashion show production class which entails planning and producing the college’s spring fashion show.  I was elected promtions coordinator and my other lovely PR lady was elected show director.  Woohoo for fashion PR girls! Anyways, I can’t sleep tonight so I’m looking for inspiration for the show’s logo and programs and let me just say that if you google “Rio Carnival” you will definitly be inspired.  Right now I’m feeling more inspired than anything else to book my ticket to this years festival in Brazil. For about an arm and a leg different samba schools, the participants in the parade, offer you the chance to purchase a costume.  The costume allows you to march in the parade. I’m keeping this in mind for when I lose about twenty pounds and have about a million dollars. I hope the design majors are coming up with outfits as wild as the costumes I’m seeing here.  After taking a look at the huge feathery outfits I am more excited than ever to be working on promotions for the show.  As soon as we decide on a logo I’ll upload it.  If anyone’s been to Carnival I’d love to hear your insight!!  

I want something like this for the logo, black silhoutte with huge sun-like shape in the background?

They kind of remind me of an exotic version of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Parade...each samba school has hundreds of dancers and 7 or 8 floats....


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