Here Comes the Sun….

Me playing around with my Mac's Editing Stuff

I had such a fantastic week! Thanks to my parents, boyfriend and members of the WVU PRSSA I had such an amazing time at the Pittsburgh PRSA Renaissance Awards.  I was honored with the Bob O’Gara Scholarship Award and had to make a speech. Surprisingly, my usual panic attacks when speaking in front of a crowd didn’t kick in, and got through the speech pretty easily.  My outfit even matched the evenings theme colors, black and purple!

The day after the awards ceremony my parents sent me these gorgeous flowers, which in the middle of a nasty Morgantown winter were much appreciated.  This gorgeous arrangement was a much needed splash of color in my life. Winter flowers started me searching for other colorful inspirations to get me through the gray slush.




These amazing pastel shoes may not winter friendly, but they sure are cute to look at.  I got them for six bucks on sale at Pageboy Boutique (again, I know haha).  I guess they were on sale because nobody could fit them, but thanks to my unnaturally small feet they worked for me.  Can’t wait to wear them when spring comes along.




Also, I remembered that my friend Kate took these pictures of another bouquet of flowers my mom sent my for my birthday a few years ago.  Kate Ramsey is an amazing photographer, and she took these gorgeous photographs for me so I would always remember how pretty these flowers were. Check our her blog Kate Ramsey Photography The Hyacinth Bean in Athens, OH makes the most amazing floral arrangements I’ve ever seen. For some artful inspiration check out their website.  If only they would open a branch in Morgantown! I don’t think they’d be willing to make the two and half hour drive. So thanks Kate for taking these pictures so long ago! They are still cheering me up!  I hope some of these photos lifted your spirits and made you forget about the snow for a minute or two.

Photo by Kate Ramsey

Photo by Kate Ramsey

Photo by Kate Ramsey

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