The Perfect Element

Backroom of Elements

To celebrate the long weekend ( thanks MLK!! ) my friend Meg and I drove up to Pittsburgh to shop in Lawrenceville.  I returned to Pageboy Boutique and Salon and a few other shops that I blogged about last month in my post Love 4 Lawrenceville, but also checked out a different boutique called Elements.  Elements offers a huge selection of authentic vintage jewelry, home decorations, clothing, furniture, art. etc.  The owner, Shelly Maiese was extremely friendly and knowledgable.  She was able to give us the back story about every piece we asked about and answered Meg’s questions about the art of small business owning.  Not only did we both leave with a few new trinkets, we left with a better understanding of being the business of selling vintage “stuff.”

FUN FACT: Did you know that the first mobile phones were actually built into a purse.  Elements actually has one of these unique artifacts, and even more amazing is the fact that the phone still works! So if your in the market for a new cell phone maybe you should stop in.

Also, did you know that before around the 1950’s nobody had pierced ears except prostitutes.  Piercings were extremely tabu in our society.  So consequently, Elements has a wide variety of clip-on earrings.

Finally, don’t be fooled by the shop’s outer appearance.  From the street it looks tiny, but it actually has three full rooms of gorgeous artful displays.

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