Twinkle Toes

Of all the accessories in the world I must admit shoes are not my favorite.  In my experience they are usually either wildly expensive or wildly cheap, meaning CHEAPLY made.  I’m more of a sparkly jewelry girl myself.  But lately I’ve come across some inspiring little shoes that may just be enough to change my opinion.

My wee green Booties

At PageBoy Salon and Boutique I recently acquired a fabulously unique pair of green boots that I can’t stop wearing.  Although accused of my boyfriend (he just doesn’t understand) of looking like an elf in them, I think the green color is really different and actually seems to go with a lot of different outfits.  I’m a huge fan of bold colors and these shoes are sure to make a bold statement! Plus they are second-hand and were only $30.

Love the little buckle detail

Little Red Riding Shoes

I just realized that during the Christmas holiday I got one pair of green shoes and one pair of red, but I guess I was just feeling festive.  I got these lil’ babies at Urban Outfitters and they perfectly match a red skirt I bought there too.  They are not so comfortable but look great with the skirt and are great going out flats.  You can NEVER have too many flats!

Love the little toe design

Pepto Pink

Say what you will about these old pink shoes, I think they are AWESOME.  These are actually from a very strange store in Athens, OH that mainly sells costumes and costume supplies.  Because Athens has such a  large Halloween celebration a kick-ass costume store is highly necessary.  When I went to school at OU I loved to just hang out in that store and mosey through their endless two-story selection of vintage clothes and costumes.  I actually made a really ridiculous Juicy Couture Girl costume from the stuff they had there one year and these shoes were part of it.  My feet ached for days after but I always thought they were super cute.  I just dug them out of an old box the other day and was really excited because I thought they were gone for good! Now feeling inspired to put together that old costume for a  new post!!

Excuse my messy desk


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