Love 4 Lawrenceville

Pageboy Boutique and Salon's Jewelry Display


Despite my Grandpa’s ( a Pittsburgh native) warnings, my sister and I ventured to Lawrenceville, PA in downtown Pittsburgh to experience the recent arrival of trendy fashion boutiques in a once “bad” area.  My Grandpa, who grew up in Lawrenceville, promised we would find nothing there but “saloons.” But instead we ended up tracking down some awesome vintage boutiques on Butler Street including: Sugar Boutique, Pavement and Pageboy Salon & Boutique.

Kari Kramer's design


At Sugar Boutique I met designer Kari Kramer who told me she was a designer first and foremost, and was also learning the business side of things as the new owner.  The store had a ton of interesting pieces from emerging designers, but Kramer’s stole the show.  I loved her self-described “cartoon-like” designs and had to take several quick photos ( once again I was being rushed by my family). The cute Pittsburgh t-shirts ( best said “Lawrenceville: Bowling, Boutiques and Beers since 1988) would be a  great gift for any Pittsburger.

Kari Kramer w/one of her fab dresses ( Sorry its blurry)

And the back bustle! Soo cool









Pageboy Boutique and Salon


At Pageboy I fell in love with several interesting vintage pieces, especially the shoes.  The friendly woman at the counter, whom I assume is the owner, told me some of the clothes are vintage, some are made by local designers and some are made by designers from vintage fabric.  Either way, I bought a few things that will be featured on a later post ( trying to focus on the boutique experience for now : ) ) The display of jewelry, handbags, scarves and clothes were magical, everything Urban Outfitters wishes it could be!  And REASONABLY priced.



Finally, I went to Pavement.  This boutique was similar to Pageboy but exuded a more “high end” feel.  I was extremely


impressed by their earring selection, which hung from a pair of deer antlers.  Great shoes also, but a little pricey!  The belt selection was equally impressive.


Note: In the slideshow I identify which boutique each piece is from!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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3 responses to “Love 4 Lawrenceville

  • rachel vallozzi

    hey lindsay!
    thank you SO MUCH for the kind words in your blog! that was so awesome of you to feature us and the other lovely boutiques on butler street! we are so glad you ventured to lawrenceville today despite your grandfaher’s concerns! thank goodness neighborhoods go through transformations! come back and see us again anytime!
    big hugs,
    rachel vallozzi (co-owner of pageboy salon & boutique)

    • Lindsay Bailey

      Hi Rachel,

      ohhhhh I’m so glad you liked the post!! Thanks for mentioning it on Twitter! I had such a great time at your store today and in the whole area! I could have spent all day in PageBoy What a charming place! I just love that part of town! I’ve already made plans for a return day trip with my friend, Meg, for sometime in the next few weeks!! I’d love to do another post on just PageBoy Boutique! Have a fabulous New Year’s Eve!

      Love, Lindsay ❤

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