Dream Come True

Photo of Me by Kate Ramsey

Photo of Me by Kate Ramsey

Today was such an exciting day for me! Thanks to the fantastic blog, PR Couture, my virtual fashion public relations internship was featured online so I could share my experiences with other aspiring fashion publicists.  I am a virtual PR intern for Dream Cartel PR , a Los Angeles based fashion public relations firm.  I absolutely love my internship and am so grateful to Lauren Scruggs and Crosby Noricks for allowing me to share my story. Please read about my internship on PR Couture and let me know what you think! PR Couture is an awesome resource for anyone interested in fashion, public relations, journalism, etc so even if you don’t want to read about my internship ( I won’t be offended haha) take a look!


About Lindsay Bailey

Hi, I'm a senior public relations major/English minor at West Virginia University. I'm interested in writing, camping and having fun. View all posts by Lindsay Bailey

2 responses to “Dream Come True

  • Roshni

    I read your interview re: your intership with Dream Cartel PR and I found it so helpful. I am graduating from university in the UK this year and have just made the decision of trying to ‘make it’ in Fashion PR. Thanks for all the tips and good luck for the future!

    • Lindsay Bailey

      Hi Roshini,

      Thanks so much for your kind words!! I’m really happy that my experience was able to inspire somebody! That’s so good to hear. Follow your dreams girl!! Good luck to you too!!! xoxo Lindsay

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