Ohh Christmas Tree…

Chirp Chirp

Charlie Brown Xmas Tree

Christmas came a little early this year for me thanks to my ohh so thoughtful boyfriend.  Yesterday, we exchanged Christmas gifts and he surprised me with this adorable little jewelry tree! I’m not sure where its from ( he works part-time at    Target, so that might be a hint) but I just adore it, especially the little birdies on the branches.  As you can see at first it looked  a little dead without any ornaments to cheer it up.  But with a little Christmas magic it perked right up under the weight of my accessories.  You may recognize some of the jewelry from ghosts of blog posts past, but they just looks so much more festive hanging from my new little jewelry hanger.  Fellas, if you wanna make a disorganized girl who’s always loosing her favorite pair of earrings happy…buy her one of these! Merry Christmas!!


All It Needs Is a Little Love

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