Fifty Dresses That Changed The World: And the SIXTH that Made it to My Closet

Julia Roberts in Valentino, Accepting her Oscar

Back by popular demand, well everyone seemed to like my last post Fifty Dresses That Changed the World: And Five That Made it Into My Closet , I am adding a sixth.  In the original post I chose five dresses from the book Fifty Dresses That Changed The World and found their connection to my closet.  Let me credit the fabulous book again by the Design Museum and say they are the only reason I can speak (somewhat) intelligently about fashion design. I had originally intended to put this dress in the first post but ran out of time.  Julia Roberts in Valentino and a yellow/black dress from Urban Outfitters? Where’s the connection you say? Read on and all will be revealed. ; )

The Look: Italian designer, Valentino, designed this sweeping, flowing black and white dress to capture the essence of Old Hollywood and was worn by Julia Roberts at the 73rd Academy Awards in 2001.  The dress was actually made in 1982!

Impact: Julia’s decision to wear this dress legitimized the rise of vintage wear and made it popular. She made vintage chic (God bless her!!).  The move to wear vintage at the high profile event, especially since she was up for and won an Oscar, was an act of resistance in a world of fashion where everyone’s always search for something new!


My Closet: At first I noticed similarities between these dresses because of the sheer black fabric between the busts.  But after reading I see that this vintage inspired, not actually vintage, dress from Urban Outfitters has a lot to credit Julia for.  A million things in my closet are imitation vintage but I really think this yellow slip covered by sheer takes the cake.  It reminds me of an old fashioned lingerie.

Dress from UO


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