Three Reasons To Love (Tolerate) Winter

Personally, I despise winter.  Nothing depresses me more than short days and freezing temperatures, which is why I want to move to southern CA.  People are always telling me that I’ll miss the seasons, but I’m fairly confident I WILL NOT miss walking through a foot of snow in Morgantown’s uncleared sidewalks and freezing my a** off!! The only redeeming quality winter has, as far as I can see, is providing the opportunity to showcase a few accessories that just don’t work in warmer weather.  Hats I can take or leave, and mittens are well….kinda boring.  But, I really really like scarves!! Then again I see people wear scarves on the beach. So sorry winter, you don’t even have that going for you!! Anyways, every Christmas I request a new scarf or two, and for your viewing pleasure I have once again taken not so good quality pics of the finest of my collection.

These three scarves are my favorite because their unique texture and patterns really make them standout.  My favorite by far is the silk sea green scarf by Elegant Additions.  I wish I was a better photographer so I could fully capture the texture of this handmade scarf, but take my word that the intricate combination of fabrics makes the scarf almost web-like.  I also have a similar purple one, but I like the green better.












The thick wool scarf is from Urban Outfitters.  Its sooo warm and goes with just about everything.  It caught my eye because of the alternating patterns.










Lastly, the bright stringy scarf is from Target! Target is obviously awesome, but this scarf was super cheap and I just love the bright colors that take away from winter dreariness. Not very warm, but cheers me up when the snow truck manages only to turn the snow from white to slushie gray.

Blurry I know, but wanted to capture the weaving colors up close


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