Google <3 Fashion?

Just had to include this because... what the heck does she have on her head?

Boutiques are kinda my thing, so when I heard about the new by Google I had to take a look.  The virtual styling site was launched by Google just a few days ago, causing a buzz within the online community.  According to the LA Times, over 100 fashion-savvy consultants were brought in to create a very individualized shopping experience for every user.  Normally, I hate shopping online because you really miss the experience of a store that includes going in for one thing and instead finding something totally unexpected.  Plus, store mannequins always give me shopping inspiration that just isn’t the same on the web. works to solve these typical online shopping dilemmas and learns quickly what you want.

Step 1: Style Comparison To create your own boutique you first  do an easy click-through of photos, choosing which most represents your personal style.  Your personal style is determined from the following categories: boho, casual chic, classic, edgy, romantic and street.


Shoe Selection

Dress styles, shoe styles and color are selected as either “love” or “hate, further customizing your selection.  My personal style, edgy, seems accurate enough, and the suggested clothes, shoes, bags etc. were dead-on.




Still not sold? Check these out:

  • Ability to view/shop/follow other members boutiques
  • My Virtual Boutique Store Front

    Virtual store front makes flipping through boutiques easy; just like window-shopping

  • Love/Hate option for every option (you also chose your reasoning from a list) helps the algorithm narrow down your style further as you go along
  • Ever-changing “inspiration” wall is just that: inspiring
  • Can always change your “style” if you get bored

Check out the for yourself!


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