Hometown Boutiquing





One more

Up close and personal..sorry bout the awkward flash

I really like this old fashioned clasp.. never falls off!

Charleston, WV, my hometown, is not exactly the best place to go shopping for unique vintage jewelry.  The best shopping can be done at Macey’s in the TownCenter Mall.  However, there is a very small, very unique downtown

Flower Power

Flower Power

shopping area in Charleston that has some really fun shops.  Taylor’s Book is a great place to read overpriced books and drink coffee on the patio, and Ivors Trunk has some interesting merchandise.  The best place to go on a boring day in Charleston if your looking for vintage jewelry or furniture is a relatively new store called “The Purple Moon.” Vintage art, kitchen sets, couches and much more can be found at this vintage boutique.  The photographs I’m showing here are of one of my favorite necklaces, which I purchased at The Purple Moon. The necklace has got a little dinged up in the past few years since I bought it, and its now missing a lot of its rhinestones.  Although from the looks of it I’d say this necklace is from the 1960’s ( ?? ), when I purchased it all the rhinestones were fully intact.  I always get compliments on this unique necklace  and its actually very versatile.  I’ve worn it to both interviews and out on a Friday night.  The best thing about wearing this necklace is getting to wonder who owned it first and how it ended up at the little boutique.  I highly recommend checking out the Purple Moon in Charleston, WV if you ever get the chance.  Here is a link to their website.  http://www.thepurplemoon.com/


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