Pearls Before Diamonds





Social Media I created for the CampaignReally Trying to Make the AERIE Stand Out

Just grabbing a National Geo for Some Light Reading : )

My Favorite: I love Jenna’s Room

Purple and Black?

As I’ve mentioned before I am participating in the American Eagle Case Study Competition.  This year AE chose to challenge students to rebrand their red-headed stepchild underwear and loungewear line, AERIE.  Without giving too much away ( the competition isn’t over yet) my team and I thought AERIE needed a little revitalization.  Earth tones and linens are kinda boring in my opinion when they have nothing to make them pop.  Victoria Secret’s PINK line is AERIE’s number one competition, and we decided that rhinestones are PINK’s thing.   Pearls need to be AERIE’s. We also wanted to appeal to college females so we emphasized comfort while lounging.To sum up our ideas for an AERIE rebranding campaign we took some photos of our very kind and patient model in my bedroom and my roommate Jenna’s bedroom.  They aren’t very professional but I hope they get our point across.  I also created a Social Media Release for our campaign so we can shown AE how to utilize social media in the campaign.  Adding links to Twitter, Facebook and laying out the facts and quotes would help them outreach to bloggers and also online magazines.  Let me know what you think!

A Lil' Bit of Scandal


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