Bubbles, Bunnies and Lingerie











Can My Room Look Like This Please?

And More Bubbles

I Like the Pink Cape

Makes Me Want To Go Buy Some Bubbles

Dressing Room I Think

I’m not much of a lingerie person, especially not expensive lingerie.  However, if I lived in Las Angeles I have a feeling I’d be a frequent visitor of the lingerie and intimate apparel boutique, Faire Frou Frou.  I came across photographs of this shop while searching for inspiration for a photo shoot I’m doing for the American Eagle Case Study Competition and just though the store was adorable.  If I was rich I think I would hire whoever designed the store to design my bedroom and closet.  The vintage, white  cabinets, pink curtains and charming mirrors just give the space a really whimsical feel and I’m sure the decor of the shop alone brings in tons of customers.  My favorite feature of the shop is the bubble chandelier that Faure Frou Frou’s owners made themselves.  Its such a clever idea.  You can read about how they made it, and how you can create one yourself on the stores blog at http://froufroufashionista.blogspot.com/2010/05/bubble-chandelier-diy.html.  Also, I think the high-heel bunny slippers they sell are incredibly cute, unnecessary for the average person who doesn’t walk around their house in pajamas and heels maybe, but cute.  But anyways, I just wanted to share the pictures of Faure Frou Frou that I found online because I found them really inspiring and just pretty to look at. I don’t usually like to to just copy and paste pictures into my blog, however, in this case I can’t exactly go to take the pictures myself! Hopefully someday I’ll make it there

Bubbles and Roses!

.  If anyone’s ever been there before let me know, I’d love to know if its as precious as it looks in the pictures!


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