Amethyst Addict





Mom bought these for my bday: Not sure where they're from

Lucky Brand Bracelet: I feel like a badass when I wear this

Little Amethyst from Macey’s

Favorite Necklace: Felt naked without it while taking this picture

Got this in Thomas, WV in a craft store: I think its supposed to be a mountain with a tree

While waiting in line to be checked out at Krogers yesterday the cashier called me out on an addiction I hadn’t even realized I had.  I guess I was in the addiction stage of denial, but when the cashier asked me why the hell I was wearing so much amethyst jewelry I actually didn’t know what he was talking about.  It took me a moment to realize I was wearing two amethyst necklaces, an amethyst bracelet and amethyst earrings.  Last night while laying in bed I noticed the amethyst paper weight that has been sitting on my nightstand for the past three years and decided I have a problem.  I have always been a purple lover but in the last year I’ve purchased seven different amethyst pieces separately and started a collection without even realizing it. It must have started last summer with the purchase of an amethyst necklace I purchased at Urban Outfitters that i haven’t taken off since the day I bought it.  I usually forget I’m wearing it and when people compliment me on it I have to look down to see what they are talking about.

I did a little research on amethyst looking for clues on what has drawn me to the stone so often in the past year and this is what I found out: Amethyst is used for healing and makesAmethyst Collection with Dragonfly background (thanks high school art class) the wearer amiable.  The amethyst is supposed to protect the wearer against drunkenness (I bet to differ) and mental illness.  Its powers include dreams, peace, love, spiritual fulfillment and courage.  So not a bad things to be into I guess.  Here are the pictures of my little amethyst collection.  Please excuse my somewhat crappy photography skills.


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