Betsey Johnson Obsessed

Wee Wee Wee all the way home....

Piggies!! I love!

Found the earings at Macey’s: Love my little matching Croc family!!

Crocodile Ring found in Georgetown

Twin Crocodiles Hanging on my Window

Of all the things I love about Betsey Johnson, her jewelry is the one thing I can afford.  Although I crave each and all of her party dresses individually and in their own special ways I can neither afford them or have anywhere to wear them to.  So I have to settle for her jewelry.  Fortunately, it’s not exactly “settling” when the jewelry is so darn cute! I absolutely love my small but growing Betsey Johnson Animal Jewelry Collection, and some day when I’m rich and famous it will be auctioned off on Ebay (just kidding).  But in the mean time I’d like to share all the little pieces of Betsey I wear on a rotating and almost daily basis.  The adorable designs brighten my day and give even the blandest “I’m too tired to care” outfit a little something!  Most of these pieces were found at the Betsey Johnson in Georgetown and a few are from Macey’s in the Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh (a little cheaper because it was the off-season)Little Crocodile Earing.

I got the little baby piglets in Georgetown recently.  They don’t really stand out because they are so teensy but I still love to wear them.  My boyfriend and I want to get a micropig some day so they kind of made me think of him. : )

The crocodile family was found seperetly staring with baby croc earings at Macy’s.  A month later when in DC for the National PRSSA Conference I found Mama Croc (the matching ring) and had to have it!!!

I really love Seahorses. This is one of many seahorse necklaces I own (but probably my favorite)

The nautical jewlry was not found at the same time either.  I got the earrings ( I’ve unfortunatley lost the one) in Georgetown back in May when interviewing for my internship. I just can’t get over the cuteness of the

Check out the Heart of the Ocean from Titanic

heart of the ocean charm! They were my first Betsey jewels.  The seahorse necklace was purchased this Fall on sale in Macy’s.  I longed for it all summer but couldn’t bring myself to stomach the price.  Thanks to Macy’s problem solved!


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