PINK Collegiate Models Not So Collegiate

Before I start ranting let me just say the following: I love Victoria Secret.  I love their PINK WVU t-shirts and collegiate gear even more.  As you may know from reading my previous post, I even volunteered as

And for their next trick they'll be doing keg stands at the frat house in their VS underwear

a production assistant at the VS Blue and Gold Bash.  However, the models they use in their advertisements for PINK Nation (college gears) are ridiculous.  Of course they are gorgeous, thin and tall as the day is long but is that really realistic?  The girls are obviously not college students and do not exhibit a body type that most college students have (at least that I’ve ever seen).  The whole super-models corrupting our body images argumeent aside, I think targeting college girls with stick-thin, super-styled gorgeous women is even worse.  I for one have never looked or encountered anyone who looked like these women at a college athletic event and I never plan to.  However, just looking at it makes my automattically start thinking “wow, I really should dress like this at the games” or “there must be people at WVU who are this pretty wearing these cute outfits, why aren’t I one of them?”.  I’m not saying they shouldn’t use attractive women in their advertisments that are geared towards college students.  I’m just saying maybe they should use attractive, realistic college students in their advertisements of college clothes that are geared toward college girls. Am I right?!?

Hope she doesn't wear that to the Pitt game in the middle of December!


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2 responses to “PINK Collegiate Models Not So Collegiate

  • Meg

    You are so right. I think clothing companies
    would sell a lot more clothing items if they were realistic to their audience.

    Do take into consideration “vs” as the company.

    It’s sad that women have to feel like they need to hold themselves up to the airbrushed models in magazines and ads. Beautiul isn’t just skinny and tall, it’s how you carry what you have.

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