Halloweeny:It’s not just about the candy

Wish I could wear this much purple eyeshadow everyday

Check out the crazy eyes

Every year I look forward to Halloween and begin planning my costume in July.  Something about dressing up just turns me on and I can’t help getting overly excited.  Unfortunately, due to the unusual amount of stress I find myself under this fall I just wasn’t prepared.  No pumpkin carving, no cookie baking, no impulsive candy purchases excused by the fact that it IS Halloween.  I wasn’t in the spirit.

The Great Pumpkin was able to renew my Halloween joy by laying before me the cutest costume I’ve ever had the privilege of wearing.  I’ve worn a lot of great costumes but my “Evil Queen” step-mother to Snow White costume is by far my favorite.  The black and purple color-scheme went with black tights, keeping me from freezing (last year I was a sexy sailor girl and nearly froze to death in my white thigh highs) and my black boots kept my feet comfortable.

My Halloween spirit was tr

Can’t take credit for Clint Eastwood but sure love Cruella’s hair!

uely renewed, however, by getting the opportunity to style and do make-up for my roommate and friends.  Although I’ve always enjoyed doing my own makeup and creating costumes I’ve never had much of a chance to do it for others.  I do find myself being asked to help friends find accessories and such somewhat frequently, but yesterday I really got to have some fun with costumes.  I turned my roommate Jenna into Cruella DeVille (is that how you spell it??),by  teasing and dying with (don’t worry) temporary dye half of her hair white and the other half black.  Costumes, jewels, fire-engine red lipstick, gloves and my winter coat all made Jenna look not only deliciously insane like Cruella,but she also looked stylish and pretty.  Fifteen minutes before leaving for the party our “costumeless” friend Lacey was turned into Courtney Love.  After the massacre of one of her baby-doll dresses, a few clothes pins and a veil I happened to have lying around Lacey looked pretty darn close to the grunge-princess herself.  I had a lot of fun at the party, but getting to put together outfits, style hair and do makeup for my girlfriends was the icing on the cake.  I think I must love Halloween because I just love any excuse to accessorize and obsess over the details of a great outfit!

She must miss Kurt! Check out the safety pins on the bosom

Awesome, accidental picture of Cruella




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